Sub-Inspector HP Police (Solved Paper) - 2010 (Part-2)

Sub-Inspector HP Police

51) Which lake is the source of the River Nile? - Victoria

52) Which antibiotic drug used extensively to treat cattle in India is found to be the main culprit of vanishing 99% population of Indian Vultures? - Diclofenac

53) What is the source of electric energy in an artificial satellite? - Solar cells

54) Prithvi is a: - Surface to surface missile

55) What is click jacking? - A malicious technique of tricking web users into revealing confidential information

56) Who invented law of electrolysis? - Micheal Faraday

57) When a green leaf is seen in red light, its colour will be: - Black

58) Refrigerators keep food unspoiled because - At its low temperature, bacteria and moulds are inactive

59) An oil tanker is partially filled with oil and moves forward on a level with uniform acceleration. The free surface of oil then - is inclined to the horizontal with a larger depth at the rear end

60) Water boils at a lower temperature on the hills because - There is a decrease in air pressure on hills

61) BPO is an abbreviation for - Business Process Outsourcing

62) Which is the largest tea producing country in the world? - India

63) Match the pairs (Country- Capital) correctly:



64) Port Diamond is located in: South Africa

65) The Chairman of the 12th Finance Commission was: - C. Rangarajan

66) Which religion has largest followers in the world? - Christianity

67) The correct order of countries as per population (more to less) is:


68)The smallest continent in the world is: - Australia

69) What is the report on the Babri demolition called? - Liberhan Report

70) "To the last Bullet" - to which Hero's memory has the book been recently launched (written by Vineta Kamte & Vineta Deshmukh)? - Ashok Kamte

71) Hollywood actress........noted for her roles in movies like "The White Hotel" and "Clueless" died in Los Angeles after suffering a cardiac arrest on December 20, 2009. Who was she? - Brittany Murphy

72) Who is the Chairperson of National Commission for Women? - Girija Vyas

73) Who was chosen for Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament & Development in November, 2009? - Sheikh Hasina

74) What is the International Equipment Machine Number? - It is the unique Identification number given to each mobile by its manufacturer

75) Union Government's ambitious Unique Identification Project has been renamed as- Aadhar

76) Sunderbans Biosphere Reserve included in the World list of Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO is located in: - West Bengal

77) Hamas is a militant organisation fighting against which country? - Israel

78) The RBI issues currency notes under the - Fixed minimum reserve system

79) Which women cricketer has become the highest individual scorer in an innings in Tests? - Kiran Baloch (Pakistan)

80) What will be the Mascot of Cricket World Cup 2011? - Stumpy (an elephant) 

81) Which nation at present has the highest number of Cheetah in the world? - Namibia

82) Which state has the highest population density as per census 2001? -West Bengal

83) The Gandhara School of Art was influenced mostly by the: - Greeks

84) The "Planning Commission of India" was provided by:- A resolution of Union Cabinet

85) The President can make laws through ordinances:- During the recess of Parliament

86) Which is the basic characteristics of the Parliamentary System of Government? - Co-existence of head of the State and Government

87) How many items are contained in the Union List? - 97

88) Provincial Autonomy was a significant feature of: - The Government of India Act, 1935

89) Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian President, has been the President of his country since - 14 October, 1981

90) What is the qualifying age for a citizen to contest in the elections to Panchayats ? - Not less than 21 Years

91) Public Accounts Committee consists of - 15 members from Lok Sabha and 7 members from Rajya Sabha

92) A money Bill in the Parliament can be introduced only with the recommendations of the: - President [under article 117(1)]

93) Right to Information Act was passed in the year - 2005

94) The Meenakshi temple at Madurai is the Monument of :- Pandyas

95) Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of National Commission for Farmers? - Dr. M.S. Swaminathan

96) Sunlight reaches on the Earth in:- 500 Seconds

97) Match the pairs (Mountains-Continents)

The Rocky- North America

The Andes-South America
The Alps-Europe
The Ural-Europe and Asia

98) National School of Drama was set up by the Sangeet Natak Akademi in the year: - 1959

99) Four metal rods of lengths 85 cm, 68 cm,119 cm and 153 cm are to be cut into parts of equal length. Each part must be as possible. What is the maximum number of pieces that can be cut? - 25

100) The Lingaraja Temple built during the medieval period is at:- Bhubaneshwar ......Click here to Continue Reading
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