Bhuvan- ISRO's answer to Google Earth

  • In what happen to be a challenge to Google Earth and Wikimapia, the Space Applications Centre (SAC) of ISRO has come up with 'Bhuvan', bringing India's name into the limelight yet again.
  • Bhuvan, which literally mean 'earth', is a web-based tool like Google Earth, but it promises better 3-D satellite imagery of India than what is currently being offered by other Virtual Globe software.
  • Moreover, it brings you a host of India-specific features such as weather information and even administrative boundaries of all states and districts
  • Bhuvan is equally capable of offering images of the globe, but the best resolution area is India, at least for the time being. "Bhuvan will be able to give you an image from 10 meters away", which means in Indian sub-continent even a commuter moving on the road can be easily spotted.
  • Bhuvan uses images taken at least a year ago by ISRO's seven remote-sensing satellites in orbit including Cartosat-1 and Cartosat-2. 

Unique features:

  • Bhuvan allows user to access, explore and visualize 2D and 3D image data along with rich thematic information on soil, wasteland, water resources etc in the Indian subcontinent. 
  • It displays multi-resolution, multi-sensor, multi-temporal image data.
  • User can superpose administrative boundaries of choice on image as required.
  • It allows visualization of Automatic Weather Stations data in a graphic view and use tabular weather data of user choice.
  • Fly to location (Enables users to fly from the current location directly to the selected location)
  • Allows navigation using the 3D view Pop-up menu (Fly-in, Fly-out, jump-in, jump-around, view point)
  • Drawing 3D Objects (Placing of expressive 3D models, 3D polygons, boxes)
  • The Bhuvan portal is designed to run on slow internet connections.
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