HP Subordinate Allied Services Paper 2015 (Part-4)

151) As per 2011 Census, Million plus cities in India are:
A. 63
B. 36
C. 43
D. 53

152) Landslide in Himalaya is the result of combined function of:
A. Gravity and rainfall
B. Weathering and rainfall
C. Weathering, Gravity and winds
D. Weathering, Gravity and heavy rainfall

153) Which country has the longest land boundary with India?
A. China
B. Nepal
C. Pakistan
D. Bangladesh

154) Which one of the following institutions is India’s disaster management policy body?

155) What is the rank of India in the Sugarcane production in the world?
A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. Fourth

156) Which of the following is a planned city?
A. Varanasi
B. Bhubaneswar
C. Allahabad
D. Patna

157) Which one of the following disasters occurs in the Indian coasts?
A. Typhoons
B. Tornadoes
C. Hurricanes
D. Cyclones

158) Which one of the following is responsible for desertification in India?
A. Mining
B. Tourism
C. Overgrazing
D. Irrigated agriculture


Mining is also responsible for desertification in India.
(C is the answer according to official answer key)

159) India has world’s geographical area of:
A. 2.2%
B. 2.4%
C. 2.6%
D. 2.8%

160) Which one of the following is not responsible for flood disaster in India?
A. Deforestation
B. Migration
C. Sedimentation of rivers
D. High Rainfall

161) Which one of the following is meeting place of Eastern and Western Ghats in India?
A. Annamalai Hills
B. Nilgiri Hills
C. Mahadeo Hills
D. Javadi Hills

162) Which of the following has the highest per capita income in India?
A. West Bengal
B. Punjab
C. Delhi
D. Tamil Nadu

163) Which of the following cities is located in low seismic zone?
A. Delhi
B. Mumbai
C. Ahmadabad
D. Bhubaneswar

164) Which one of the following states is not affected by cyclone?
A. Kerala
B. Gujarat
C. Orissa
D. Tamil Nadu

165) Silvasa is capital of:
A. Daman and Diu
B. Dadra and Nagar Haveli
C. Goa
D. Pondicherry

166) Longitudinal Synclinal valley in Himalaya is known as:
A. Dun Valley
B. Gorge
C. V-Shape Valley

167) The shoal forests are largely found in:
A. Western Himalayas
B. Eastern Himalayas
C. Eastern Coastal Plain
D. Hill Tops of Peninsular India

168) Which one is not correctly matched:
A. Copper-Malajkhand
B. Iron-Bailadila
C. Coal-Jharia
D. Bauxite-Khetri

169) Which state is not connected with railways?
A. Himachal Pradesh
B. Uttarakhand
C. Jammu & Kashmir
D. Sikkim

170) Which one is not known for Silk Textiles?
A. Varanasi
B. Mysore
C. Kanchipuram
D. Howrah

171) Which river divides Sirmaur District of HP into two almost equal parts?
A. Bata
B. Andhra
C. Giri
D. Yamuna

172) Which region of HP gets minimum rain annually?
A. Spiti
B. Pangi
C. Seraj
D. Dodra Kawar

173) In which district of HP is Lama Dal lake?
A. Kangra
B. Kinnaur
C. Chamba
D. Lahaul Spiti

174) Which one of the following river is a tributary of Spiti river?
A. Tegpo
B. Patsari
C. Spin
D. Phojal

175) Which river of HP is called by the local people as river of sorrow?
A. Siul
B. Uhal
C. Baner
D. Swan

176) With which deity is Manikaran (in Kullu Valley) associated?
A. Varuna
B. Shiva
C. Vishnu
D. Indra

177) Which of the following waterfalls is not in Chamba District of HP?
A. Satdhara
B. Kopra
C. Kalika
D. Dhanekha

178) Which is the largest glacier in HP?
A. Dudhon
B. Mukkila
C. Bara Shigri
D. Beas Kund

179) In which district of HP is Cholang peak?
A. Sirmaur
B. Kullu
C. Shimla
D. Kangra

180) Which pass joins Kangra and Chamba?
A. Waru
B. Drati
C. Kalicho
D. Tamsar

181) Which of the following is not in Kullu Valley of HP?
A. Nehru Kund
B. Roerich Art Gallery
C. Naggar Castle
D. Tapovan

182) Which village of Shimla District was swept away by the Andhra River in 1997?
A. Kupari
B. Chirgaon
C. Jharag
D. Arhal

183) In which locality of Chamba is Harirai temple?
A. Hardaspura
B. Jansali
C. Chaugan
D. Parel

184) At which place in Una District of HP is Pir Nigaha fair celebrated?
A. Basholi
B. Amb
C. Ambota
D. Babhaur

185) Which festival is celebrated mainly by the Gaddis in HP?
A. Shand
B. Bhoj
C. Nawala
D. Bhunda

186) In which month is Nalwari Fair celebrated in Bilaspur (HP)?
A. February
B. March
C. April
D. May

187) In which region of HP is Baghati dialect spoken?
A. Shimla
B. Sirmaur
C. Bilaspur
D. Solan

188) Where is Fruit Demonstration Farm in Una District of HP?
A. Saloh
B. Anjoli
C. Jhalera
D. Pubbowal

189) When did HP abolition of Big Landed Estates act receive presidential assent?
A. 1952
B. 1953
C. 1954
D. 1955

190) With which region of HP is devil dance mainly associated?
A. Chamba
B. Lahaul Spiti
C. Kinnaur
D. Kullu

191) Which ancient sage is worshipped in Bilaspur District of HP?
A. Markandeya
B. Shukdev
C. Lomas
D. Vashishtha

192) What has been the main source of information about Ranas and Thakurs of HP?
A. Rajatarangini
B. Baijnath Eulogies
C. Inscriptions found in Chamba State
D. All of the above

193) When did the Rana of Keonthal receive the title of Raja from the British Government?
A. 1857
B. 1882
 C. 1909
D. 1911

194) Who is the author of Antiquities of Chamba State?
A. J. Ph. Vogel
B. G.T. Vigne
C. J.B. Lyall
D. Forster

195) Which head of illustrious houses of Trigarta married his daughter to the Rana Kiragram, who was one of his vassals?
A. Hirdaya Chandra
B. Jai Chandra
C. Gajmal Chandra
D. Drupad Chandra

196) Which Raja of Kullu subdued the Thakurs, around the middle of 16th Century, who frequently challenged his authorities?
A. Bidhi Chand
B. Man Singh
C. Pratap Chand
D. Bahadur Singh

197) Rana of which region of Kangra is said to have offered his own daughter-in-law as a sacrifice of opening of water course?
A. Gharoh
B. Kanhiara
C. Chari
D. Palam

198) According to Cunningham which princely states constitutes Kangra Group of states?
A. those between Jhelum and Beas
B. those between Ravi and Beas
C. those between Beas and Satluj
D. those between Ravi and Satluj

199) Which one of the following is considered a Mohammedan state by Hutchison and Vogel?
A. Nurpur
B. Shahpur
C. Datarpur
D. Ketlehar

200) Which of the following princely states were off-shoots of Guler?
A. Shahpur and Siba
B. Siba and Datarpur
C. Kotla and Jaswan
D. Shahpur and Kotla

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