HP Subordinate Allied Services Paper 2015 (Part-2)

51) Which Australian Cricketer died recently while playing a first class cricket match?
A. Phil Huges
B. Kim Huges
C. Rodney Marsh
D. Doug Walters

52) Which country is the winner of the last Football World Cup?
A. Brazil
B. Mexico
C. Germany
D. Spain

53) India has set a target of generating 100 GW power from Solar Energy by the year:
A. 2022
B. 2035
C. 2030
D. 2020

54) Which of the following has been identified as the most environment friendly fuel of the future?
A. Hydrogen
B. Methane
C. Shale gas
D. Biofuel

55) The facilities for research on the so called 'God's particle' are located in which country?
A. France
B. Switzerland
C. Austria
D. Germany

56) The migratory birds fly in V-formation because:
A. They feel secure
B. They avoid colliding with each other
C. They have aesthetic sense
D. They make best use of air turbulence

57) Which is the first country in the world to have reached Mars in its first attempt?
A. India
B. Japan
C. China

58) Which of the following cities is the most polluted city?
A. Delhi 
B. Beijing
C. Mexico
D. Santiago

59) The virus MERS is:
A. Middle East Respiratory Syndrome 
B. Middle Europe Respiratory Syndrome
C. Middle East Respiratory Signal
D. Middle Europe Respiratory Signal

60) 'IoT' refers to:
A. Internet of Things 
B. Intranet of Teleservices
C. International Organisation of Teleservices
D. Internet Organisation of Telecommunication

61) The national 'Jal Kranti Ahhiyan' by Ministry of Water Resources River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation was formally launched from which city?

A. Jaipur
B. Patna
C. Varanasi
D. Ahmadabad

62) A material called 'Jahn-Teller' having a combination of insulator, magnetic, metallic and super-conductor properties, was discovered by scientist from which country?

A. China
C. India
D. Japan

63) Recently two blue whales were spotted in nearly 100 years off the coast of which state?

A. Maharashtra
B. Kerala
C. Orissa
D. Tamil Nadu

64) In the list of Environment Democracy Index released in the Year 2015, which country is at the top?

A. Canada
B. Denmark
C. Lithuania
D. Norway

65) Which is the largest wind power generating company in India?

A. Suzlon
D. Tata Power

66) Which country in Europe has been facing serious financial crisis these days?

A. Turkey
B. Greece
C. Italy
D. Portugal

67) Charlie Hebdo shooting incident happened in which city?

A. Copenhagen
B. Barcelona
C. Munich
D. Paris

68) To help Nepal tackle the crisis in the aftermath of massive earthquake, India launched:

A. Operation Maitri
B. Operation Earthquake Relief
C. Operation Himalaya
D. Operation Humanitarian

69) The 100th Constitutional Amendment Act, 2015 pertains to Land Boundary Agreement between: 

A. India and Nepal
B. India and Myanmar
C. India and Bhutan
D. India and Bangladesh

70) Recently announced Mission for rejuvenation and urban transformation is named after whom?

A. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya
B. Shyama Prasad Mukherji
C. Atal Bihari Vajpeyee
D. Abdul Kalam

71) Which famous sportsperson has been named as Brand Ambassador by Kerala State to promote Tourism and Ayurveda for 'Visit' Kerala Scheme?

A. Sachin Tendulkar
B. Maria Sharapova
C. Steffi Graf
D. Saina Nehwal

72) The Multidimensional Poverty Index (2015) released from a study carried out by University of Oxford shows the percentage number of poor people in the world to be around:

A. 15 %
B. 40%
C. 33%
D. 22%

73) National Mission on Mental Health was launched in the year:

A. 2015
B. 2014
C. 2013
D. 2012

 74) Who is the father of SMS?

A. Samir Bhatia
B. Anuj Gupta
C. Matti Makkonen
D. Thomas Kurian

75) Globally accepted internet speed on mobile phones for 4-G transmission is:

A. 50-100 Mbps
B. 10-25 Mbps
C. 100-200 Mbps
D. 25-50 Mbps

76) The name of first international treaty/protocol on climate change is associated with:

A. Kyoto
B. Montreal
C. Basel
D. Rio de Janeiro

77) Sister Nirmala associated with Late Mother Teresa's Organisation Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata was born in:

A. Nepal
B. Almora
C. Trivendrum
D. Patna

78) The original Group of G-8 countries is now G-7 group of counties. Which country has been left out?

A. Russia
B. Italy
C. France
D. Japan

79) Recently, which of the following hill states has been included in the National Dairy Plan-I of India?

A. Arunachal Pradesh 
B. Mizoram
C. Sikkim
D. Uttarakhand

80) According to WikiLeaks, the US National Security Agency eavesdropped on last three Presidents of which groups?

A. France
B. China
C. Brazil
D. Egypt

81) Who is the author of the novel- 'Fire on the Mountain'?

A. Chetan Bhagat
B. Vikram Seth
C. Salman Rushdi
D. Anita Desai

82) Which one of these is not a computer programming language?

D. J++

83) Researchers at NASA in USA have recently identified the coldest place in the universe known as Boomrang Nebula which has a temperature of:

A. 1 Kelvin
B. 4 Kelvin
C. 8 Kelvin
D. 12 Kelvin

84) The International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor being constructed to produce fusion energy is located in:

A. France
C. United Kingdom
D. Germany

85) For the invention of energy efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) the Nobel Prize winning scientists were:

A. Japanese
B. American
C. German
D. French

86) The atmosphere on Mars mainly consists:

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Methane
C. Nitrogen
D. Argon

87) To highlight the importance of light and optical technologies for the people and society, the UN General Assembly proclaimed which year as the International Year of Light and Light based Technologies?
A. 2015
B. 2016
C. 2017
D. 2018

88) Energy Star-rated CFLs compared to ordinary light bulbs consume how much less energy to produce the same amount of illumination?

A. 20%
B. 25%
C. 50%
D. 75%

89) One of the greatest innovator in the field of acoustics was of Indian origin. Who was he?

A. AG Bose
B. SN Bose
C. MN Saha
D. Homi Bhaba

90) Which of the following animals is a vulnerable, endemic species of the eastern Himalayan region?

A. Giant Panda
B. Red Panda
C. Tiger
D. Lion

91) Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on:

A. 22nd April
B. 11th July
C. 16th September
D. 5th June

92) Which Scientist's name is associated with the so called God's particle?

A. Steven Weinberg
B. Sheldon Lee Glashow
C. Peter W. Higgs
D. Abdus Salam

93) Which is the India's national 'aquatic' animal?

A. Gharial
B. River Dolphin
C. Otter
D. Turtle

94) The recently elected British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron belongs to which political party in Britain?

A. Conservative Party 
B. Labour Party
C. Liberal Democratic Party
D. Scottish Nationalist Party

95) Which Oil Company was penalized heavily for causing environmental disaster due to oil spill in sea?

A. Total S.A
B. Cairn Energy
C. British Petroleum
D. Brit Oil

96) Which spiritual and humanitarian leader has been conferred the highest civilian award by Columbian Parliament for promoting world peace?

A. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
B. Maharishi Yogi
C. J.N. Krishnamurthy
D. Baba Ramdev

97) NET neutrality means:

A. All internet contents must be treated alike and move at the same speed
B. Owner of the Internet are free to charge for the content they provide
C. Owner of the Internet can select the content that they transmit
D. The internet owners can block access to user of some websites

98) The Royal Institute of British Architects has billed him as India's greatest architect. Who is he?

A. Charles Correa
B. Nari Gandhi
C. Hafeez Contractor
D. Christopher C. Benninger

99) Who was the first elected or appointed female head of the government of any country in the modern history of world?

A. Sirimavo Bandaranaike
B. Indira Gandhi
C. Golda Meir
D. Isabel Martinez de Peron

100) Who had said- "Man and woman are of equal rank but they are not identical"?

A. Mahatma Gandhi
B. Nelson Mandela
C. Winston Churchill
D. Margret Thatcher

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