What is a Transponder?

  • Transponder is an electronic devices which receive the signals beamed from the ground (up-link), amply them a billion times, and beam them back (down-link) to ground at different lower frequencies.
  • 3 broad ranges are there:
 1. S-Band (2.5 to 2.7 GHz) Used for BSS-Broadcast Satellite Services. Down-link for TV and Radio programmes in the earlier satellites.

 2. C-Band (3.9 to 6.2 GHz) Used mainly for extended TV coverage to South East Asia and           Middle East.

 3. Ku-Band (11-14.5 GHz): First Ku-Band used in INSAT 2C. It is exclusively used for business communication in major cities, data networking, satellite news gathering and DTH.

  • MSS-Mobile Satellite Services provides communication facilities for sea-borne vessels, aircraft, moving vehicles etc.
  • Ku-Band signals can be received by much smaller and less complicated antennae-60 cm dia- can be installed on window ledges.
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