Solved Paper of Himachal Pradesh Administrative Service 2013

1)  Who is the author of Abode of God? – Ans. Andrew Williams

2) Among Suketi, Banganga, Ali and Uhl, which one is not a tributary of the Beas? – Ans. Ali

3)  With which Losar festival associated? – Ans. Tibetan New Year

4)  Where is Kee monastery? – Ans. Spiti

5)  At what interval Bhunda festival of Nirmand held? – Ans. 12 Years

6) With which region of Himachal Pradesh is Sih Ballet associated? – Ans. Rohru-Jubbal

7) Which Sultan of Delhi helped Raja Megh Chand of Bilaspur to regain his lost Kingdom? – Ans. Altamash

8)  Which Raja of Mandi built the Darbar Hall in 1906? – Ans. Bhawani Sen

9) In which year did Shimla become summer capital of the British Raj? – Ans. 1864 A.D

10)   Who was Amrita Shergil? – Ans. Painter

11)   Who won the 2012 Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha elections by the highest margin? – Ans. Mohal Lal Bragta

12) Youth of which age group are eligible to avail the skill development allowance announced by the Himachal Pradesh Government in 2013-14 budget? – Ans. 25-35 Years

13) Match the following proposed ropeways correctly: (Answer Matched): Dharmsala – Triund, Bhunter – Bijli Mahadev, Palchan – Rohtang, Village Jia – Adi Himani Chamunda

14)  According to 2008-09 data which district of Himachal Pradesh has recorded the highest percentage in the production of pulses? – Ans. Shimla

15) What are the preconditions for implementing National Programme for Education of Girls at the elementary level? – Ans. The SC/ST population is more than 50%

16)   At which place in Shimla District is Herbal Garden? – Ans. Dumreda

17)  Which scheme has been introduced in place of Kishori Shakti Yojna in some district of Himachal Pradesh? – Ans. Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls     

18)   Which sector had highest outlay (in percentage terms) in the Annual Plan of 2011-12? – Ans. Social Services

19) Besides Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti which district of Himachal Pradesh has recorded the lowest percentage of urban population in the 2011 census? – Ans. Kangra

20)  What was the female literacy in Himachal Pradesh in 1951? – Ans. 2%

21)  According to legend what is the vehicle of Kamadev? – Ans. Parrot

22) Match the following: (Answer Matched): Indica – Magasthenes, Historica – Herodotus, Safarnama – Ibn Batuta, Tarikh-al-Hind – Alberuni

23)   Whom did emperor Ashok send to Lanka to promote Buddhism? – Ans. Mahinder and Sanghamitra

24)    There are four upvedas. Three of them are Ayurveda, Dhanaurveda and Sthapatya Veda. Which is the fourth? – Ans. Gandharav Veda

25)   Among Gagri. Lopmudra, Shraddha, Yami which one scholar belong to the later Vedic period? – Ans. Gargi

26)   Whom did the Huns defeat to establish their rule in India? – Ans. Skandagupta

27)   The first Rani of Mewar who committed johar was Padmini? Who was the second? – Ans. Karnavati

28)   At which place did the battle between Babur and Rana Sanga took place in 1527? – Ans. Khanua

29)   Against whom did Aurangzeb fight the battle at Samugarh? – Ans. Dara

30)   Who organized the Red Shirts Movement? – Ans. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

31)   Who founded the revolutionary organization named ‘Abhinav Bharat’? – Ans. Savarkar Brothers

32)   Who is associated with the moderate strand of the Khilafat movement of 1919-20? – Ans. Chotani

33)   The marked feature of MOSSAD, the spy agency of Israel is that it has as its member a large number of? – Ans. Women

34)   What is the major religion of Myanmar? – Ans. Buddhism

35)   With which field is Malala Yousafzai associated? – Ans. Girl Education

36)   Nation whose seat of legislature executive and judiciary is at three different cities? – Ans. South Africa

37) Among Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt who has won Nobel Prize award? – Ans. Henry Kissinger

38)   With which is Good Friday associated? – Ans. Crucifixion of Christ

39)   With which game is Ravi Rampaul associated? – Ans. Cricket

40)   When was the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) set up? – Ans. 1999

41)   What is INS Chakra? – Ans. Submarine

42)   Who was the first Caliph of Islam? – Abu Bakr

43)   What is Curiosity Rover? – Ans. Nasa’s research vehicle sent to Mars 
44)  Which state records the highest proportion of scheduled castes population? – Ans. Punjab

45)   Which country is called the “Sugar Bowl” of the world? – Ans. Cuba

46)   Which Landforms is not associated with glaciations? – Ans. Insenberg

47)   Koderma, a place in Jharkhand, is famous for? – Ans. Mica Mining

48)   The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is based in? – Ans. Geneva

49) In which state is Nathpa Jhkari Hydel Project under execution? – Ans. Himachal Pradesh

50) The continental drift theory was propounded by? – Ans. Alfred Wegner

51)The most ideal region for the cultivation of cotton in India is? – Ans. The Deccan Plateau

52) What are stalagmites? – Ans. Depositional Landforms

53) Which factors are responsible for the rapid growth of sugar production in South India as compared to North India? – Ans. Higher per acre field of sugarcane, Higher sucrose content of sugarcane, longer crushing period

54) Which state group is the largest producer of iron-ore in India? – Ans. Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand

55) Chronology of different events: Establishment of Arya Samaj 1875, Promulgation of Vernacular Press Act 1878, Partition of Bengal 1905, Lucknow Pact 1916.

56)   Whose government was defeated for the first time on a vote of confidence? – Ans. V.P. Singh Government

57)   The Question Hour in the House of the people is followed by? – Ans. Short notice question

58)   The members of which of the following committees are elected by the Houses? – Ans. Public Account Committee and the committee on Public Undertakings

59) Which States have recently (2013) got separate high courts? – Ans. Manipur, Meghalaya and Tripura

60)  For which has the Supreme Court directed the Central Government that not only civil servants but other persons with impeccable integrity should be considered? – Ans. Central Vigilance Commissioner

61)   Which Commissioner/Committees have recommended legal protection to Whistle Blowers? – Ans. Law Commission & Second Administrative Reforms Commission

62)  Which commission has recommended that under the RTI Act, MPs and MLAs should be declared as Public Authorities except when they are discharging legislative functions? – Ans. Second Administrative Reforms Commission

63) Among Students Federation of India, All India Democratic Women’s Association, All India Agricultural Workers Union, All India Trade Union Congress which one is not affiliated to CPI (M)? – Ans. All India Trade Union Congress

64)   The Indian Constitution refers to minorities based on? – Ans. Religion or Language

65) Among National Human Rights Commission, Union Public Service Commission, National Commission for Women, National Commission for Minorities which are statutory bodies? – Ans. National Human Rights Commission, National Commission for women, National Commission for Minorities

66) The 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments were made during the Primeministership of? – Ans. Narasimha Rao

67)   CENVAT is associated with? – Ans. Indirect Tax

68)   Which occupied the highest place in growth rate during the 11th Plan period 2007-2012? – Ans. Service Sector

69)   First share market in India was established in: - Ans. Mumbai

70) Who was the chairman of the committee on pricing and taxation of petroleum products? – Ans. C. Rangarajan

71)   For National Manufacturing and Investment Zones (NMIZ), Special Economic Zone (SEZ), and Export Oriented Units (EQUs), which state is true? – Ans. SEZs and EOUs will be located within NMIZs

72)  To which community/organization maximum goods are exported from India? – Ans. OPEC

73) UNDP has introduced a new poverty index known as: - Ans. Multi-dimensional Poverty Index

74)   Project ‘Sankalp’ is associated with the elimination of: - Ans. AIDS/HIV

75) Which Indian Company has been included for the first time in USA’s index NASADAQ-100? – Ans. Infosys

76) The terms ‘NEER’ and ‘REER’ are related with: - Ans. Foreign exchange rate

77)  When was World Trade Organization set up by the member countries of the United Nations to promote trade among countries? – Ans. 1995

78) In what capacity was P.C. Mahalanobis associated with the formulation of the economic policy of independent India? – Ans. As an applied statistician

79)  Which type of pollution is caused by two-wheelers? – Ans. Air Pollution

80)  Most hazardous metal pollution of automobiles exhaust is: - Ans. Lead

81) The excess discharge of fertilizers into water bodies results in: - Ans. Eutrophication

82) If BOD of a river water is found very high, this means water: - Ans. Is Highly polluted

83)  Minamata disease affects the: - Ans. Nervous System

84)  Chernobyl disaster is caused by a: - Ans. Nuclear reactor accident

85) Chemical which causes bone cancer and degeneration of tissue is: - Ans. Str-90

86)  The antiknock agent added to unleaded petrol is: - Ans. Tetraethyl lead

87) The range of normal human hearing lies between: - Ans. 20 Hz to 20000 Hz

88)  3-4 benzopyrene causes: - Ans. Lung Cancer

89)  Climate of world is threatened by: - Ans. Carbon Dioxide

90)   Natural Silk is a: - Ans. Polypeptide

91) Which one can be remolded time and again with producing any change? – Ans. Polyvinyl Chloride  

92)  in coming years, skin related disorders will  become more common due to: - Ans. Depletion of Ozone layer

93)   The drugs used to get relief from pain are called: - Ans. Analgesics

94)   Most commonly used tranquilizers are derivatives of: - Ans. Barbiturc acid

95)   SLV-3 and ASLV rockets used: - Ans. Composite solid propellants

96)   A transformer is used for:- Ans. Increasing or decreasing AC voltage

97)   Convex lens is used for the correction of: - Ans. Long-sightedness

98)   One liter of water is equal to: - Ans. 0.9kg

99)   Metals are good conductors of electricity because: - Ans. They have free electrons

100)  In the process of galvanization an iron sheet is coated with: - Ans. Zinc

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