General Knowledge Questions (Mechanical Engg. Lecturer Test)- Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

1) The population of India in 1951 was: - Ans. 361,088,090

2) Which Bengali writer has written the novel “Durgeshnandini”? - Ans. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

3) A line which connects the points on a map that receives equal amounts of rainfall? - Ans. Isohyets

4) Which of the following Indian leaders was inspired by the career of Joseph Mazzini? - Ans. Surendra Nath Banerjee

5) During whose viceroyalty was the ‘Vernacular Press Act’ enacted? - Ans. Lord Lytton

6) Where was Gopal Krishna Gokhale born? - Ans. Kolhapur

7) In which year was Nobel Prize instituted? - Ans. 1901

8) Which American Swimmer created history by winning maximum gold in Beijing Olympic, 2008? - Ans. Michal Phelps

9) Who was the first cricketer in the World to score ten thousand runs in Test Cricket? - Ans. Sunil Gavaskar

10) American Vice-President is elected for: - Ans. 4 years

11) In which year was Punjab transferred to Ahmad Shah Durani by Ahmad Shah of Delhi? - Ans. 1752

12) ‘Pajhota Andolan’ took place in which year? - Ans.  1942

13) Which Bilaspur ruler was deputed by Aurangzeb to supervise the boundaries in the North-West border provinces? - Ans. Dip Chand

14) What is the ration of population of Himachal Pradesh to India? - Ans. 0.57

15) The total are of Hamirpur district is ( - Ans. 1,118

16) When did Raja Ghamand Chand become the Raja of Kangra? - Ans. 1751

17)  Who was the last ruler of Sirmaur State? - Ans. Rajender Prakash  

18)  What was the female literacy percentage of Himachal Pradesh in 2011 census? - Ans. 76.60

19)  In which valley is Trilok Nath (Shikara type) temple located? - Ans. Chander-Bhaga Valley

20)  Which peak is said to be the place of the origin of Shirgul deity? - Ans. Choordhar (Churdhar)
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