Solved Paper of Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services 2011

1)  Siul stream is a tributary of which river? – Ans. Ravi

2)  What figure is found on the coins of Audumbara rulers? – Ans. Trident

3) Arrange the authors who wrote about the Himalayan region in correct chronological order: – Ans. Matched. Panini-Ptolemy-Chandragomin-Varahamihira

4)  On the basin of which river is Dodra Kawar situated? – Ans. Tons

5)   What is the architectural style of Jawalamukhi temple in Kangra District? – Ans.  Domed Style

6)  In which district of Himachal Pradesh is Surajtal Lake located? – Ans. Lahaul-Spiti

7) Which mountain range separates Sirmaur from Shimla? – Ans. Choor chandni (Choordhar)

8)  Who founded the Guler state in 1405 A.D.? – Ans. Hari Chand

9)   Which ruler of Chamba defied Aurangzeb’s order to demolish the Hindu temples in his state? – Ans. Chatar Singh

10) Which village Panchayat in Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh unanimously elected all women members only, during 2010 – January 2011 elections? – Ans. Kamru

11) Uhl Hydroelectric project is located in which district of Himachal Pradesh? – Ans. Mandi

12) According to 2011 census, which district has the highest child sex ratio? – Ans.  Lahaul-Spiti

13) In which year was ‘Swarna Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojna’ launched in Himachal Pradesh? – Ans. 1999-2000

14) ‘Mukhya Mantri Bal Udhar Yojna’ of Himachal Pradesh Government is restricted to the children belonging to: – Ans. BPL families

15) To whom was Kangra bestowed as Jagir by Mughal emperor Akbar? – Ans. Birbal

16)  Who commanded the Mughal forces which subdued Kangra fort in 1620 A.D.? – Ans. Nawab Ali Khan

17) Who was the Chairman of joint meeting of Shimla Hill States Rulers and Praja Mandal representatives held in January 1948 at Solan? – Ans. Durga Singh

18) Which was the main opposition group in the Himachal Pradesh Legislature during 1950s? – Ans. Kissan Majdoor Praja Party

19) Who headed the committee of Government of India which recommended the transfer of more subjects to Territorial Council in 1962? – Ans. Ashok K Sen

20) With whose assistance is the Himachal Pradesh Government’s ‘organic farming and water harvesting project’ being implemented? – Ans. Japan

21) Indian agriculture has the following features: (1) Dependence of agriculture on the monsoons. (2) Abolition of Zamindari (3) Absence of trade unions in the agriculture sector (4) Heavy pressure of population on Land.
Which of the above is responsible for disguised unemployment in the agriculture? – Ans.  4

22) Among sales tax, entertainment tax, income tax, corporate tax which taxes are levied by the state government and not shared by the centre government? – Ans. Sales tax and entertainment tax

23) Which factor is the basis of corporate tax? – Ans. Profit before distribution of dividend

24) India is at which state of Demographic transition? – Ans. Reduction in birth rate but the reduction in death rate is higher than reduction in birth rate

25)  Male literacy rate in India according to Census 2011 is: – Ans. 82.14%

26) Which treaty is covered by Uruguay Round Negotiations, which established World Trade Organization (WTO)? – Ans. General Agreement on Trade in services trade related intellectual property rights, Trade related investment measures

27) The second largest trade partner of India with their total trade (imports and exports) for the year 2009-10 is: – Ans. China

28) Which is the highest export oriented handicrafts (in terms of value) in India exports? – Ans. Gems and ornaments

29) What are the possible reasons for food inflation in India? – Ans. Ban on transaction in agriculture products in ‘Future commodity exchange market’ and Hoarding and trade cartel

30) Match the pairs: – Ans. Matched. Central Statistical Organization-Computation of National Income, Reserve Bank of India-Monetary and Credit Policy, Planning Commission-Fiscal Policy, National Council for Applied Economics Research (NCAER)-Indian Economic Survey

31) What is the measure of Human Development Index? – Ans. Life expectancy, Literacy rate and Gross enrollment

32) Which factors led the Malegam Committee to recommend for interest rate cap for micro financing institution? – Ans. Higher interest rate leading to suicide

33) Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan being implemented in partnership with the states for addressing the need of children include: – Ans. Enrollment of all children in school, Setting up education guarantee centre, alternate school etc., Bridging of gender and social category gaps in enrollment with retention and learning

34)  Antibodies are found in: – Ans. Lymphocytes  

35)  Night Blindness is caused by the deficiency of: – Ans. Vitamin A

36)  Human eye is sensitive to the wavelength in the range of: – Ans. 380-760 nm

37) The definition of Biosphere is: – Ans. The earth and its atmosphere which is inhabited by living

38)  Rhododendron is the characteristic vegetation of: – Ans. Alpine Zone

39)  Some reliable indicators of pollutions are: – Ans. Lichens and mosses  

40)  Gas released during Bhopal gas tragedy was: – Ans. Methyl Isocyanides

41) Carbon dioxide absorbs in the infrared region and its presence in the atmospheric decreases the loss of heat from earth by radiations. This phenomenon is called as: – Ans. Greenhouse Effect

42) Freon causes great environmental damage. They are: – Ans. Mixed Chlorofluoro hydro-carbons

43) Among Cytokinin, Calcium, Auxin and Gibberellin which one is not a plant hormone? – Ans. Calcium

44) Asbestos is no longer used for commercial purposes because: – Ans. Its causes lung cancer

45)  Name one algae from which iodine is obtained: – Ans. Laminaria

46) The term biomagnifications refers to: – Ans. Increase in concentration of biodegradable pollutants

47) Which part of the world has the high density of organisms? – Ans. Tropical rain forests

48)  Hemorrhagic dengue fever is spread by: – Ans. Aedes aegyptii

49) What is the ratio between the population density of Himachal Pradesh and India as per the census 2011 of India? – Ans. 1:3

50)  What is the name given to the forces that shape and reshape the earth’s crust? – Ans. Diastrophic

51) Which type of clouds causes the heaviest downpour? – Ans. Cumulo-Nimbus

52) Which trench is located in the Pacific Ocean? – Ans. Mariana

53) Which term is used for imaginary lines joining the places of equal rainfall? – Ans. Isohyets

54) Which is the newest member of SAARC? – Ans. Afghanistan

55) What is the silicon valley of United States of America famous for? – Ans. Electronics  

56) Which country has the largest number of Spanish speaking population? – Ans. Mexico

57) In which Indian State is the Twang Buddhist Monastery located? – Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

58) What is relevant to the Golden Quadrilateral in India? – Ans. Roadways

59) Which port is located on an estuary? – Ans. Kandla

60) What is an archipelago? – Ans. A group of large number of Islands

61)Among Russia, USA, UK and India which country is divided into the largest number of time zones? – Ans. Russia

62) Match the items: – Ans. Matched. G.K.Gokhale-Servants society of India, M.G.Ranade-Indian National Conference, Dayanand Sarswati-Arya samaj, Sivnarayan Agnihotri-Dev Samaj

63) Match the items (Journals with authors): – Ans. Matched. Dinbandhu-N.M.Lokhande, Maratha-B.G.Tilak, Indian Social Report-K.N.Natarajan, Shodhak-G.C.Agarkar

64) Who was the founder of Satyashodhak Samaj? – Ans. Jyotiba Phule

65) Where was the headquarter of Ghadar Party? – Ans. San Francisco, USA

66)  By which act was system of ‘Dyarchhy’ introduced during British rule in India? – Ans. Government of India Act, 1919

67) During whose viceroyalty was the Vernacular Press Act enacted? – Ans. Lord Lytton

68) Who was the Chairman of the first Union Commission of Backward Classes? – Ans. Kaka Kelkar

69) What is the density of population at national level in India according to 2011 census? – Ans. 382 persons per square kilometer

70) Match the list: – Ans. Matched. R.Vineet Krishna-Collector of Malkhangiri District, Anant Pai-Author of Amar Chitra Katha, Yamini Krishnamurthy-Classical dancer, Mitali Madhumita-First Women Indian Army officer to win Gallantry medal

71) For which function was V.K. Shunglu Committee constituted? – Ans. To probe financial irregularities in Commonwealth Games

72) Who was the first speaker of Lok Sabha? – Ans. G.V. Malvankar

73) Which schedule of Indian Constitution contains provisions regarding disqualification of MPs/MLAs on the ground of defection? – Ans. Xth

74) Match the list. (Political Party with state): – Ans. Matched. Telgu Desham-Andhra Pradesh, National Conference-Jammu & Kashmir, AIADMK-Tamilnadu, Biju Janta Dal-Orrisa

75)  Which ancient Indian king wrote the three dramas, i.e. Ratnavali, Priyadarshika and Nagananda? – Ans. Harsha Vardhana

76)  Match the list (Author with books): – Ans. Matched. Vishakhadatta-Mudra Rakshasa, Subandhu-Vasavadatta, Dandin-Daskumaracharita, Banabhatta-Harshacharita

77)   Who built the old fort (Purana Qila) in Delhi? – Ans. Sher Shah Suri

78) In 19th century Moplah peasants revolted against whose tyranny? – Ans. Hindu Zamindars

79) Match the list (European company and name of their settlement in India): – Ans. Matched. Dutch-Pulicat, English-Bugli, Portguese-Goa, French-Chinsura

80) Match the list (organization with person associated): – Ans. Matched. British India Society-William Adams, Landholders Society-Dwarkanath Tagore, Servants of People Society-Lala Lajpat Rai, Bengal British India Society-George Thompson

81)  According to 2011 Census which district of the state of Haryana has the lowest sex ratio? – Ans. Jhajjar (774/1000)

82)  Match the list: – Ans. Matched. 30 January-Martyrs Day, 2 February-World Wetland Day,5 June-World Environment Day, 24 March- World TB Day

83)  With which movement is Arvind Kejriwal associated? – Ans. Parivartan/RTI

84)  To commemorate which event is the Reserve Bank of India planning to issue a coin of denomination of Rs. 150? – Ans. Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore

85) According to recent listing who is the richest woman of India? – Ans. Savitri Jindal

86) In which case has the Preamble been accepted as a part of the Indian Constitution? – Ans. Keshvanand Bharti case

87)  Who is empowered to declare emergency under the Indian Constitution? – Ans. The President

88) Under the Indian Constitution, who is the guardian of fundamental rights? – Ans. Judiciary

89) Who decides whether a bill is money bill or not? – Ans. Speaker of Lok Sabha

90) Match the list: – Ans. Matched. Concurrent list-Australia, Parliamentary system-U.K, Impeachment of President-Canada, Federal structure-U.S.A

91) Under which circumstances can an emergency be declared in India? – Ans. External aggression, Armed rebellion and Financial crisis

92) Match the list: – Ans. Matched. 42nd Constitutional Amendment 1976-Fundamental duties, 52nd Constitutional Amendment 1985-Anti defection law, 73rd Constitutional Amendment 1992-Panchayati Raj, 84th Constitutional Amendment 2001-Number of representatives in Lok Sabha & State Assemblies to freeze to current levels for next 25 years (till 2026)

93)  Balwant Rai Mehta Committee is related to: – Ans. Panchayati Raj System
94) Who can be the chairman of National Human Rights Commission? – Ans. A retired Chief Justice of Supreme Court

95)  MNREGA programme is related to: – Ans. Rural Development

96) Among Cadmium, Mercury, Lead and Sodium which one is non-toxic: – Ans. Sodium

97) What are the important properties of LASER? – Ans. High intensity, High coherence, High monochromaticity

98) In which form is phosphorus predominately found in soil? – Ans. Orthophosphate

99) Carbohydrates are used in: – Ans. Food industry & Paint industry

100)  Nanotechnology is where particles of the following size are used: – Ans. 10¯9 m

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