Solved Paper JE (Mechanical) - 2013 - Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

1)      Sulphur in pig iron tends to make it: - Ans. Hard

2)      Maximum percentage of carbon in ferrite is: - Ans. 0.025

3)      Surface plate is usually made of grey cast iron because it provides: - Ans. Lubricating due to graphite flakes

4)      Which of the following is not the accessory of slip gauges? - Ans. Measuring Jaws

5)      Prairie Grasslands are mainly found in: - Ans.  USA

6)      Cyclones in China Sea region are known as: Typhoons

7)      The Security Council of United Nations Organization has 5 permanent members

8)      The WTO (World Trade Organization) has its headquarters at: - Ans. Geneva

9)      Benito Mussolini belonged to: - Ans. Italy

10)  World war-II commenced in: - Ans. 1939

11)  ‘Azlan Shah Cup’ is associated with: - Ans.  Hockey  

12)  Who was the founder of Mughal Dynasty in India? - Ans.  Babur  

13)  Who wrote ‘Gora’? - Ans. Rabindranath Tagore

14)  Cardiology is the  - Ans. Study of heart

15)  Who discovered ‘X-ray’? - Ans. W. Roentgen

16)  The loud speaker converts: - Ans. Electrical energy into sound energy

17)  A piece of bloating paper soaks ink because of the: - Ans. Capillary action

18)  Which of the following is the best conductor of heat? - Ans. Silver

19)  A device used to measure electric current is: - Ans. Ammeter

20)  Battery is a device used to convert: - Ans. Chemical energy into electrical energy

21)  Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) has: - Ans. Methane   

22)  Which part of flame is used by goldsmiths to heat the gold? - Ans. Outermost part

23)  Which is the main component of brass and bronze? - Ans. Copper  

24)  Which gas propels the cork of a champagne bottle? - Ans. Carbon dioxide

25)  Which of the following is not correct? - Ans. Water can be used as extinguisher in case of electrical or oil fire

26)  The main symptom of pneumonia is: - Ans.  Decrease in respiratory efficiency  

27)  The study of heredity and variations is known as: - Ans. Genetics

28)  Oral polio vaccine was discovered by: - Ans. Albert Bruce Sabine

29)  Which of the following trees is worshipped by the people of Indus valley civilization? - Ans. Pipal

30)  What was the standard unit of exchange of the Aryans? - Ans. Cow

31)  Which of the following Vedas, contains charms and spells to ward off evils and diseases? - Ans. Atharvaveda

32)  The word ‘Kaivalya’ is associated with: - Ans. Vardhman Mahavira  

33)  Mahaprabhu Chaitanya, a saint of bhakti movement, belonged to: - Ans. Bengal  

34)  Whose reign is considered the ‘Golden Age’ of the Mughal empire? - Ans. Shahjahan

35)  Vasco-da-Gama was a: - Ans. Portuguese

36)  Who was severely beaten in lathi charge while opposing the Simon Commission? - Ans. Lala Lajpat Rai

37)  Who gave the slogan ‘Do or Die’? - Ans. Mahatma Gandhi

38)  Indian Constitution has adopted the Idea of Fundamental Duties from: - Ans. Erstwhile USSR

39)  ‘Right to Equality’ is a - Ans. Fundamental Right

40)  Who is the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces? - Ans. President

41)  As per Census 2011, what is the literacy rate in India? - Ans. 74.04%

42)  What is the equivalent of ‘General’ of Army in Navy? - Ans. Admiral

43)  Which was the first talkie of India? - Ans. Alam Ara

44)  ‘Malihabad’ is famous for : - Ans. Mangoes  

Direction: (Question Nos. 47 to 51): In each of the following questions, four words are given, out of which three are alike in some manner and the fourth one is different. Choose the odd one.

45)  A) Cow  B) Buffalo  C) Goat  D) Cub

46)  A) Gold  B) Silver C) Platinum D) Necklace

47)  A) Oil  B) Glue  C) Yeast  D) Gum

48)  A) Calculator  B) Laptop  C) Computer  D) Palmtop

49)  A) Potato  B) Tomato  C) Ladyfinger  D) Bamboo

50)  Kalatope is situated in the district of :- Ans. Chamba

51)  The river Satluj rises from: - Ans. Mansarovar  

52)  Which of the following districts does not touch the boundaries of Punjab? - Ans. Mandi

53)  ‘Kamlahgarh  Fort’ is located at: - Ans. Sarkaghat

54)  Who was appointed by Ahmed Shah Durrani as Governor of Punjab in 1759 A.D.? - Ans. Ghamand Chand

55)  Raja Sansar Chand was the famous ruler of : - Ans. Kangra

56)  Which of the following was the capital of Rampur Bushahr State in the ancient time? - Ans. Kamru

57)  What is Pink Rhododendron? - Ans. A rose variety

58)  Which of the following hill stations has been declared ‘Favorite Hill Destination’, by the travel magazine ‘Outlook Traveler’ this year? - Ans. Dalhousie

59)  The famous Christ Church is located at: - Ans. Shimla

60)  Uranium in Himachal Pradesh is found at: - Ans. Kullu

61)  Parvati  Hydroelectricity Project has the capacity of: Uranium in Himachal Pradesh are found at: 2051 MW

62)  As per the Census-2011, which of the following districts has the lowest literacy rate in H.P.? - Ans. Chamba

63)  ‘Bahar’ , ‘Malhar’ and ‘Bageshwari’ are the varieties of: - Ans. Tea

64)  Which of the following is the largest cottage industry in Himachal Pradesh? - Ans. Weaving and Knitting of Wool

65)  Trilokinath temple is in: - Ans. Lahaul Spiti  

66)  The Tapovana, known as ‘Sandeepani Himalayas’, is located near: - Ans. Dharmsala   

67)  In which year was the Una Tehsil transferred to Himachal Pradesh? - Ans. 1966

68)  ‘Presidential  Retreat’ is situated at: - Ans. Chharabara

69)  ‘Dhungari Mela’ is associated with: - Ans. Hidimba Devi   

70)  Who was the first Governor of Himachal Pradesh? - Ans. S. Chakarvarti

71)  ‘Halog’ is associated with:  - Ans. Dhami Firing Tragedy

72)  Who was the first to give call for the creation of separate of separate Hill State in 1946? - Ans. Pt. Padam Dev

73)  How many seats are there of Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha? - Ans. 68

74)  Himachal Pradesh stands second in the production of Ginger on National level.

Directions    (Questions Nos. 77 to 80):  Choose the correct spellings of the word, from the four alternatives A, B, C and D given below:

75)  A) Warrior B) Warrior C) Warrior D) Wareor

76)  A) Surrender B) Surender  C) Surrander D) Surendder

77)  A) Japaneese  B) Japanese  C) Japanse D) Japanise

78)  A) Parsut  B) Pursuit  C) Pursoot  D) Parsuit

Directions   (Question Nos. 81 to 83):  Choose the word which is most opposite to the word given in capital letter, from the given alternatives A, B, C and D.

79)  DOLEFUL: Happy

80)  FLEXIBILITY: Rigidity

81)  GROTESQUE: Natural

Directions (Question  Nos. 84 to 86): Fill the blanks by choosing the most appropriate  word, form  alternatives A, B, C and D given below.

82)  He is very fast in calculations.

83)  I am convinced by his innocence.

84)  The bright color of this shirt has faded away.

      निर्देश : (प्रशन सं  87 से 90) : निम्नलिखित प्रत्येक वर्ग में एक शब्द वर्तनी की दृष्टि से अशुद्ध है I           अशुद्ध वर्तनी का चयन करें I

85)  A) पिशुन  B) निष्ठुर  C) मृदुल  D) अवययी

86)   A) संबंध  B) विस्मयादी C) संप्रदान  D) तंद्रा

87)  A) गविश B) भावुक C) खेचर D) अधिकरण

88)  A) युधिष्ठर B) अतयंत C) शिष्य D) अंत:करण

निर्दश: (प्रशन 91 से 93):निमंलिखित प्रत्येक लिए उसके नीचे दिये गए वियकल्पों मे से सही विलोम शब्द छाँटिये |
89)  आलसी
A)    समर्थ B) सक्षम C) साहसी D) उद्यमी
90)  शांत
A)    उद्व्यिग्न B) परेशान C) आनदित D) उल्लासित
91)  अंतरंग
A)    बाहरी B) बहिरंग C) गोपनीय D) गहन
92)  ईप्सा
A)    इच्छा B) ईर्ष्या C) लालच D) द्वेष
93)  आस्था
A)    आदर B) सम्मान C) महत्व D) विश्वास

94)  Air refrigeration cycle works on: -Ans. Bell-Coleman cycle

95)  Drop forging is used to produce: -Ans. Large components  

96)  Casting is a: -Ans. Primary shaping process

97)  The cutting tools are made from: -Ans. High speed steel

98)  Ball bearing are, usually, made from: -Ans. Chrome steel

99)  Which of the following is the case hardening process? -Ans. Carburising, Cyaniding and Nirtriding

100)    Cold working of metal increases: -Ans. Tensile strength, Yield strength and Hardness

101)    Alloy wheels are manufactured using which of these processes? -Ans.  Die casting

102)    When a pattern in three parts the top part is known as a: -Ans. Cope

103)    Thermit, used in thermit welding is a mixture of: -Ans. Iron oxide and aluminum

104)    The flux commonly used in brazing is: -Ans. Borax

105)    The center of gravity of a plane figure is called: -Ans. Centroid

106)    Coulomb friction is the name of: -Ans. Dry friction

107)    For self locking lifting machine the efficiency must be: -Ans. less than 50%

108)    Impulse has the same unit as: -Ans. Momentum  

109)    The fuel mostly used in boilers is: -Ans. Bituminous

110)    The ratio of brake power to indicated power of an I.C. engine is called: -Ans. Mechanical efficiency

111)    Molecular transmission of heat is smallest in case of: -Ans. Gases

112)    A perfect black body is: -Ans. One which absorbs total radiant energy

113)    The internal energy of an ideal gas is: -Ans. A function of temperature alone

114)    A choke is applied in a car: -Ans. For starting in cold weather

115)    In a 2 stroke engine we got one power stroke in: -Ans. 360° of crank rotation

116)    A carburetor is used, to supply: -Ans. Petrol + Air

117)    The function of clutch in Automobiles: -Ans. To disengage power from engine to gear box  

118)    The fly wheel influence the: -Ans. mean speed of the prime mover

119)    The height of watt governor (in meters) is equal to: -Ans. 8.95/N2

120)    An automobile steering gear is an example of: -Ans. lower pair

121)    The crowning of pulley is done to: -Ans. make the belt run in the center of pulley face width

122)    The range of pressure angle for spur gear is: -Ans. 14.5 - 20°

123)    A bicycle remains stable in running through a bend because of: -Ans. Radius of curved path

124)    A typewriter constitutes a: -Ans. Mechanism

125)    Which of the following laws is applicable for the behavior of a perfect gas? -Ans. Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law and Gay-Lussac’s Law

126)    According Boyle’s law for a perfect gas: -Ans. P2/P1 = V1/V2, if kept constant

127)    Intensive property of a system is one whose value: -Ans. does not depend on the mass of system, like temperature, pressure

128)    Extensive property of a system is one whose value: -Ans. depends upon the mass of a system like volume

129)    Work done in a free expansion process is: -Ans. zero

130)    Properties of substances like pressure, temperature and density in thermodynamics co-ordinates are: -Ans. point function

131)    Heat and work are: -Ans. path functions

132)    For reversible adiabatic process, change in entropy is: -Ans. zero

133)    When a system undergoes a process such that ʃδQ/T=0 & ΔS>0, the process is: -Ans. Reversible adiabatic

134)    A reversible heat engine operates between 1600K and T2K and another reversible heat engine operates between T2K and 400K. If both the engines have the same heat input and output, the temperature T2 must be equal to: -Ans. 800K

135)    Super charging is the process of: -Ans. supplying the intake of an engine with air at a density greater than the density of surrounding atmosphere

136)    Air standard auto cycle efficiency is expressed as: -Ans. 1-(1/r)Y-1/Y

137)    Which of the following statements is correct? -Ans. all reversible engines working between the same temperature limits have the same efficiency

138)    The size of inlet valve of an engine in comparison to an exhaust wall is -Ans. less

139)    Which of the following is more viscous lubricating oil? -Ans.SAE 30

140)    Characteristic of a gas constant is equal to -Ans. Cp-Cv

141)    Adiabatic process is-Ans. Reversible Process

142)    The economizer is used in boiler to-Ans. Extract heat form the exhaust flue gases

143)    The feed check valve is used in order to-Ans. regulate flow of boiler water

144)    The compressor capacity with decreases in suction temperature-Ans. increases

145)    Gas turbine works on-Ans. Brayton or Atkinson cycle

146)    In gas turbines high thermal efficiency is obtained in-Ans. Closed cycle

147)    Stefan Boltzmann Law is applicable for heat transfer by-Ans. Radiation

148)    According to Stefan’s law, the total radiation from a black body per second per unit area is proportional to-Ans. T4

149)    The amount of radiation mainly depends on-Ans. nature of body, temperature of body and type of surface of body

150)    Ammonia-absorption refrigeration cycle requires-Ans. very little work input

151)    The moisture in refrigerant is removed by-Ans. driers

152)    Refrigerator in aero planes usually employs the following refrigerant: -Ans. Air

153)    Domestic refrigerator working on vapour compression cycle uses the following type of expansion device: -Ans. thermostatic expansion valve

154)    Absorption system normally uses the following refrigerant: -Ans. ammonia

155)    The co-efficient of friction depends on-Ans. nature of the surface

156)    For maximum range of projectile, the angle of projection should be - Ans. 45°

157)    Kinetic friction as compared to static friction is-Ans. less

158)    Which of the following remains constant during the flight of a projectile? -Ans. horizontal component of velocity

159)    Which of the following materials is the most elastic? -Ans. rubber

160)    Resilience of material is considered when it is subjected to-Ans. shock loading

161)    A tapered bar of length L with diameter D at base and having specific weight ρ is suspended freely under its own weight. The elongation of the bar wills be-Ans. ρI3/6E

162)    For the same lift and the same angle of ascent, a similar base circle wills give-Ans. Constant Isochronisim 

163)    Mohr’s circle can be used to determine the stress on inclined surface-Ans. Principal stress, Normal stress and Tangential stress

164)    The power of a porter governor is-Ans. inversely proportional to s2

165)    The designation M 33*3 of a bolt means-Ans. metric threads of 33 mm outside diameter and 2 mm pitch

166)    Eye bolts are used for-Ans. lifting and transportation of machines

167)    A riveted joint may fail due to-Ans. shearing of the rivet, tearing off the plate at an edge and crushing of the rivet

168)    Delta iron occurs at- Ans. between 1400° C and 1539° C

169)    Which of the following constitutes of steels is the softest and least strong? -Ans. ferrite

170)    The crystal structure of gamma iron is-Ans. F.C.C.

171)    Cast iron is characterized by minimum of the following percentage of carbon: -Ans. 2%

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