Solved Paper of Assistant Professor (English) - 2015 (Technical Education) - Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge

1)      In the Canterbury Tales, how many tales were to be told by each pilgrim?
A)     Two
B)      Three
C)      One
D)     Four
2)      The Licencing Act for closing of all theatres except Duty Lane and Covent Garden was passed in:
A)     1734
B)      1735
C)      1736
D)     1737
3)      Chaucer lived during the reign of:
A)     Edward III and Richard II
B)      Edward III and Henry IV
C)      Richard II and Henry IV
D)     Edward III, Richard II and Henry IV
4)      The word ‘Lollard’ means:
A)     Mumbling of prayers
B)      Peasants
C)      Rubble
D)     Priests
5)      Michael Drayton’s The Shepherd Garland is a services of:
A)     Lyrical poems
B)      Eciogues
C)      Ballads
D)     Sonnets
6)      Who speaks these words?
“It is the stars, the stars above us, govern our conditions.”
A)     King Lear
B)      Edgar
C)      Kent
D)     Fool
7)      Who is the writer of The Shoemaker’s Holiday?
A)     Middleton
B)      Thomas Dekker
C)      Thomas Hobbes
D)     Francis Beaumont
8)      The subtitles of The White Devil is:
A)     The Duchess of Florence
B)      A Classic Tragedy
C)      Death of a Pure Soul
D)     Vittoria Corrombona
9)      The subtitles of Jonson’s Volpone is: 
A)     The Vulture
B)      The Fox
C)      The Crow
D)     The Tiger
10)   The name of Aesop is connected most with:
A)     Supernatural Stories
B)      Fables
C)      Ballads
D)     Satire
11)   “To His Coy Mistress” is a cavalier poem by:
A)     Marvell
B)      Lovelace
C)      Carew
D)     Cowley
12)   Who contended that Milton in Paradise Lost “was of the Devil’s party without knowing it”?
A)     Addison
B)      Keats
C)      Marvell
D)     Blake
13)   Of the following, Butler’s Hudibras is an attack on:
A)     Female Sex
B)      Puritanism
C)      Democracy
D)     Male dominated society
14)   Which of the following is not a play by Wycherley?
A)     Love in a Wood
B)      The Country Wife
C)      The Plain Dealer
D)     The Man of Mode
15)   The authorized version of The Bible came out in:
A)     1629
B)      1539
C)      1611
D)     1616
16)   Dryden attacked Shadwell in his:
A)     Absalom and Achitophel
B)      The Medal
C)      Mac Flecknoe
D)     None of the above
17)   Which of the following is discussed at length in Dryden’s “Essay on Dramatic Poesy”?
A)     The Silent Woman
B)      Hamlet
C)      The Alchemist
D)     Volpone
18)   “This casket India’s glowing gems unlocks, and all Arabia breathes from yonder box.” In which of the following of the following poems do these lines occur?
A)     Mac Flecknoe
B)      The Dunciad
C)      The Medal
D)     The Rape of the Lock
19)   “Far from the madding crowd’s ignoble strife.” Where do we find this line?
A)     “Elegy Written in Country Churchyard”
B)      The Deserted Village
C)      “Night Thoughts”
D)     Seasons
20)   Who wrote the Coverley Papers?
A)     Swift
B)      Steele
C)      Addison
D)     Pope
21)   Abraham (Parson) Adams figures in:
A)     Robinson Crusoe
B)      Thom Jones
C)      Joseph Andrews
D)     Clarissa
22)   Sarah Fielding was Henry Fielding’s:
A)     Wife
B)      Mother
C)      Daughter
D)     Sister
23)   Mrs. Malaprop is a character in:
A)     The School for Scandal
B)      She Stoops to Conquer
C)      The Good- Natured Man
D)     The Rivals
24)   What did Robinson name the man whose life he saved on the island?
A)     John
B)      Willy
C)      Friday
D)     Alexander
25)   The Rights of Man (1791-92) was written by:
A)     Dr. Johnson
B)      Coleridge
C)      Thomas Paine
D)     Robert Clive
26)   Which bird is killed by the Mariner in Coleridge’s “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner”?
A)     Ostrich
B)      Penguin
C)      Peacock
D)     Albatross
27)   The term “Negative Capability” was given by:
A)     Coleridge
B)      Eliot
C)      Wordsworth
D)     Keats
28)   Shelley’s “Adonais” is a/an……….on Keats:
A)     Satire
B)      Defense
C)      Elegy
D)     Lyrics
29)   The Ring and the Book is an ambitious and complex work by:
A)     Robert Browning
B)      Philip Larkin
C)      Walter Pater
D)     Oscar Wilde
30)   Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea was written by:
A)     Arthur Conan Doyle
B)      Wilkie Collins
C)      R.L. Stevenson
D)     Jules Verne
31)   Who wrote the following line?
“Wealth I ask not, hope nor love
Not a friend to know me
All I ask, the heaven above,
And the road below me.”
A)     Stevenson
B)      Browsing
C)      Wordsworth
D)     Coleridge
32)   The Life of Charlotte Bronte (1857) was written by:
A)     Elizabeth Gaskell
B)      S.T. Coleridge
C)      William Godwin
D)     P.B. Shelley
33)   Yeat’s A Vision is a/an.
A)     One –act play
B)      Absurd play
C)      Prose work
D)     Love poem
34)   Sherlock Homes was introduced in 1887 by Arthur Canon in:
A)     The Exploits of Brigadier General
B)      Micah Clerk
C)      A Study in Scarlet
D)     The Lost World
35)   Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) was a……….dramatist.
A)     Norwegian
B)      Swedish
C)      Russian
D)     German
36)   The elegy “In Memory of W.B. Yeats” was written by:
A)     T.S. Eliot
B)      Christopher Fry
C)      Stephen Spender
D)     W.H. Auden
37)   Which of the following is not written by F. Scott Fitzgerald?
A)     The Great Gatsby
B)      The Sound and the Fury
C)      Tender is the Night
D)     The Last Tycoon
38)   Which of the following is not a novel by E.M. Forster?
A)     Where Angels Fear to Trend
B)      A Room With a View
C)      Howard’s End
D)     Jacob’s Room
39)   Philip Larkin is best known as a:
A)     Surrealist
B)      Imagist
C)      Movement
D)     Dadaist Poet
40)   Who is known to have brought R.K. Narayan to the notice of International literary community?
A)     Oscar Wilde
B)      Angus Wilson
C)      Evelyn Waugh
D)     Graham Greene
41)   Doris Lessing was born in:
A)     Algeria
B)      Poland
C)      Persia
D)     Rhodesia
42)   The Room, The Dumb Waiter and The Birthday Party are the first three plays of:
A)     Harold Pinter
B)      John Arden
C)      Arnold Wesker
D)     Joe Orton
43)   The most famous of Beckett’s works have been his most mysterious but highly innovative drama. Name that drama:
A)     Molloy
B)      The Unnamable
C)      Waiting for Godot
D)     Not I
44)   …………is most associated with the Archetypal Approach.
A)     William Empson
B)      Northrop Fyre
C)      Philip Larkin
D)     Elizabeth Bowen
45)   The narrator I Melville’s Moby-Dick is:
A)     Alijah
B)      Gabriel
C)      Captain Ahab
D)     Ishmael
46)   Who wrote the essay “Nature” (1836)?
A)     Whitman
B)      Poe
C)      Emerson
D)     Thoreau
47)   Which quarterly journal was associated with Transcendentalism?
A)     The Germ
B)      The Dial
C)      The Heaven
D)     The Spirit of the Poet
48)   Who among the following influenced Gandhi’s idea of Civil Disobedience?
A)     Emerson
B)      Melville
C)      Ruskin
D)     Thoreau
49)   Which novel of Hemingway was also titled Fiesta?
A)     The Sun Also Rises
B)      The Old Man and the Sea
C)      Death in the Afternoon
D)     A Farewell to Arms
50)   Which of the following is not a poem by Frost?
A)     “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”
B)      “Two Tramps in Mud Time”
C)      “Song of Myself”
D)     “The Road Not Taken”
51)   Who wrote the following”
“I am the poet of the body
And I am the poet of the Soul…
I am the poet of Equality”
A)     Walt Whiteman
B)      Edgar Allen Poe
C)      P.B. Shelley
D)     Alfred Tennyson
52)   In The Hairy Ape, O’ Neill uses the techniques of:
A)     Impressionism
B)      Expressionism
C)      Absurdism
D)     Realism
53)   Which of the following novels is considered Steinbeck’ classic work:
A)     The Grapes of Wrath
B)      The Pastures of Heaven
C)      Cup of Gold
D)     East of Eden
54)   Which of the following is not associated with Harlem Renaissance?
A)     Langston Hughes
B)      Claude McKay
C)      Wallace Stevens
D)     Jean Toomer
55)   Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe was published in:
A)     1957
B)      1958
C)      1947
D)     1948
56)   Long Walk to Freedom is an autobiographical work written by:
A)     Chinua Achebe
B)      Wole Soyinka
C)      Nelson Mandela
D)     Yasminakharda
57)   How many chapters are there in Aristotle’s Poetics?
A)     XX
B)      XXVI
C)      XXV
D)     XXIV
58)   In the Poetics, the change from ignorance to knowledge has been called:
A)     Peripety
B)      Hamartia
C)      Anagnorisis
D)     Denouement
59)   Horace’s Ars Poetica is in the form of an epistle to:
A)     Plato
B)      Pisos
C)      Aristotle
D)      Homer
60)   Which of the following poets named one of his poems as “Ars Poetica”?
A)     T.S. Eliot
B)      William Wordsworth
C)      Archibald MacLeish
D)     Philip Larkin
61)   On the Sublime is addressed to:
A)     Terentianus
B)      Plato
C)      Aristotle
D)     Homer
62)   In the Essay on Dramatic Poesy, the number of speakers is:
A)     Two
B)      Three
C)      Four
D)     Five
63)   Who made the following observation about Wordsworth?
“Wordsworth himself was a great critic, and it is to be sincerely regretted that he has not left us more criticism.”
A)     S.T. Coleridge
B)      Matthew Arnold
C)      F.R. Leavis
D)     T.S. Eliot
64)   In which chapter of Biographia Literari does Coleridge use the expression ‘willing suspension of disbelief’?
A)     XI
B)      XIII
C)      XIV
D)     XV
65)   Who coined the term “Disassociation of Sensibility”?
A)     T.S. Eliot
B)      I.A. Richards
C)      F.R. Leavis
D)     Raymond Williams
66)   Eliot’s essay “The Function of Criticism” was written in response to:
A)     Arnold’s  “The Function for Criticism at the Present Time”
B)      Pater’s “Criticism and Romanticism”
C)      Middleton Murray’s “Romanticism and Tradition”
D)     None of the above
67)   F.R. Leavis’s The Great Tradition (1948) gives his critical views on:
A)     Novel
B)      Drama
C)      Epic
D)     Poetry
68)   The author of Seven Types of Ambiguity is:
A)     William Empson
B)      Monroe Beardsley
C)      William K. Wimsatt
D)     I.A. Richards
69)   Cleanth Brooks wrote Literary Criticism: A Short History in collaboration with:
A)     Robert P. Warren
B)      William K. Wimsatt
C)      Robert B. Heilman
D)     John Crowe Ransom
70)    Who is the author of The New Criticism: A Lecture Delivered at Columbia University (1911)?
A)     J.E. Spingarn
B)      John Crowe Ransom
C)      Allen Tate
D)     William Empson
71)   Into how many codes has Roland Barthes divided “Sarrasine”?
A)     Two
B)      Three
C)      Four
D)     Five
72)   For poststructuralists meanings are:
A)     Stale
B)      Fluid
C)      Unchangeable
D)     Fixed
73)   Who wrote Criticism in Wilderness (1960)?
A)     Hillis Miller
B)      Geoffrey Hartman
C)      Elaine Showalter
D)     Harold Bloom
74)   The term ‘aporia’ is associated with:
A)     Psychoanalytic Criticism
B)      Marxist Criticism
C)      Russian Formalism
D)     Deconstruction
75)   Who of the following used the term ‘hegemony’ to develop his concept for the study of culture and society?
A)     Louis Althusser
B)      Antonio Gramsci
C)      Terry Eagleton
D)     Michael Foucault
76)   Baudrillard argues that in the postmodern stage, reality has been replaced by:
A)     Romanticism
B)      Idealism
C)      Simulacra
D)     None of the above
77)   “I don’t believe it ever entered his wise head” is an example of:
A)     Irony
B)      Anti-Climax
C)      Epigram
D)     Pun
78)   To which of the branches of languages does the English language belong?
A)     Germanic
B)      Celtic
C)      Hellenic
D)     Balto-Slavic
79)   What is the name of Don Quixote’s squire?
A)     Racco
B)      Fenko
C)      Bodo
D)     Sancho Panza
80)   Which of the following is not an Australian writer?
A)     Morris West
B)      Patrick White
C)      Adrienne Rich
D)     David Malouf
81)   Which girl of Himachal Pradesh was member of Kabbaddi team that won gold medal at the 2014 Asian Games at Incheon?
A)        Puja Thakur
B)         Vijay Thakur
C)         Pinki Thakur
D)        Umang Thakur
82)   Among the following which year showed the highest growth rate in Himachal Pradesh (in GDP)?
A)     2010-11
B)      2011-12
C)      2012-13
D)     2013-14
83)   What was the total production of off-season vegetables in Himachal Pradesh during 2012-13 (in Lakh tons)?
A)     12.77
B)      12.89
C)      13.98
D)     14.15
84)   According to 2013-14 Economic Survey, what is the age category for getting senior citizen pension in Himachal Pradesh?
A)     60 years and above
B)      70 years and above
C)      75 years and above
D)     80 years and above
85)   How much money is given as cash incentive to pregnant and lactating mothers under the Indira Gandhi Matritva Sahayog Yojna in Himachal Pradesh?
A)     Rs. 4,000
B)      Rs.6,000
C)      Rs.8,000
D)     Rs.10,000
86)   What percentage of total state budget was spent during 2013-14 to strengthen the agrarian sector in Himachal Pradesh?
A)     8 percent
B)      12 percent
C)      16 percent
D)     20 percent
87)   Where is Usha Devi temple in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh?
A)     Ropa
B)      Nichar
C)      Tranda
D)     Pawari
88)   From which place does the Spiti River emanate?
A)     Gramplu
B)      Khab
C)      Tandi
D)     Kunjum
89)   What is the approximate length of Himachal Pradesh from North-west edge of Chamba to South-east edge of Kinnaur?
A)     205 kms
B)      250 kms
C)      355 kms
D)     475 kms
90)   What is village Maigali in Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh known for?
A)     Salt
B)      Gypsum
C)      Silver
D)     Lime Stone
91)   To which district of Jammu & Kashmir does Shakti Devi who recently won the International Female Peace-keeping Award, belong?
A)     Anantnag
B)      Doda
C)      Udhampur
D)     Rajouri
92)   What did Alfred Nobel who instituted the Nobel Prize, invent?
A)     Human Genome
B)      Dynamite
C)      Cloning
D)     Atomic nucleus
93)   Which day is observed as International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination?
A)     March 8
B)      March 21
C)      April 18
D)     August 8
94)   Which was the first Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in India?
A)     Mumbai
B)      Delhi
C)      Kharagpur
D)     Kanpur
95)   Approximately what percentage of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is spent on Education in India?
A)     1.13 percent
B)      2.5 percent
C)      4.13 percent
D)     6.0 percent
96)   Who has exclusive rights to publish Mahatma Gandhi’s books?
A)     Gujarat Vidyapeeth
B)      Navjivan Trust
C)      National Book Trust
D)     Wardha Ashram
97)   What average depth of water is necessary for cage culture technique of aquaculture system of rearing fish?
A)     One meter
B)      Three meters
C)      Five meters
D)     Six meters
98)   Which region of China is witnessing pro-democracy protests?
A)     Hunan
B)      Hong Kong
C)      Shenzhen
D)     Shanghai
99)   Which planet rotates from east to west unlike other planets?
A)     Venus
B)      Saturn
C)      Mercury
D)     Uranus
100)     Who led the 1857 first war of independence at Lucknow?
A)     Tantia Tope
B)      Mangal Pandey
C)      Begum Hazrat Mahal
D)     Nawab Asif-ud-Daula

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