Himachal GK MCQs (British)

1. What decision was taken by the British Government through “Shimla Declaration”?
A. Declaration of war against Afghanistan
B. Treaty with Maharaja Ranjit Singh
C. Establishment of first Church in Shimla
D. Beginning of laying down Kalka-Shimla railway line

2. Which Viceroy supported the selection of Shimla as the summer capital of British India in these words-“It is the only place in India where a Viceroy can keep himself free from office workload”.
A. Lord Curzon
B. Lord Minto
C. Lord Reading
D. Lord Chelmsford

3. Kangra, Kullu and Lahaul-Spiti were subordinated by British in …………..?
A. 1850 A.D.
B. 1860 A.D.
C. 1846 A.D.
D. 1854 A.D.

4. Mesmerized by the natural beauty of Naldehra a British Viceroy named his daughter there itself. He was:
A. Lord Minto
B. Lord Curzon
C. Lord Elgin
D. Lord Dufferin

5. What was the result of the “Treaty of Sagauli” that was signed in 1815 A.D.?
A. Gorkhas strengthened their authority over occupied areas
B. Rise of the British as a strong power
C. End of the authority of Sikhs
D. Raja Sansar Chand becoming the  Emperor

6. Which Governor General created the policy or principle of the “End of Native States”?
A. Lord Cornwallis
B. Lord Hardinge
C. Lord Dalhousie
D. Lord Canning

7. Who said this “Me and the King of China rule over half of the population of the world, yet we get time for the morning’s breakfast”.
A. Lord Lytton
B. Lord Auckland
C. Lord Dalhousie
D. Lord Amherst

8. In which year was the “Kotkhai State” (part of present day Shimla district) was added to the British Empire?
A. 1820 A.D.
B. 1828 A.D.
C. 1846 A.D.
D. 1857 A.D.

9. Which two parties signed the “Treaty of Sagauli” in 1815 A.D.?
A. Sikhs and Gorkhas
B. Sikhs and British
C. Gorkhas and British
D. British and native States of Himachal.

10. During which period European traveler “Moorcraft” visited Himachal Pradesh?
A. 1880-1882 A.D.
B. 1855-1856 A.D.
C. 1820-1822 A.D.
D. 1825-1827 A.D.

11. In the reign of Governor General Lord Dalhousie, which of the following was deported to Singapore for declaring his local State independent?
A. Vajir Ram Singh Pathania
B. Rana of Ravingarh
C. Shivanand Ramaul
D. Pandit Padam Dev

12. In which year the States of Mandi, Suket (present day south Mandi district) , Kangra and Spiti were brought under subordination of British?
A. 1809 A.D.
B. 1830 A.D.
C. 1846 A.D.
D. 1858 A.D.

13. In 1863 A.D. which British officer was appointed for the maintenance of ‘Chamba State’ for the first time?
A. Major Blair Reed
B. Cunningham
C. Lord Lawrence
D. Lord Dalhousie

14. Which Raja of Kangra was awarded the title of “Maharaj” by British because of his exceptional services in the First World War?
A. Jai Chand
B. Garud Chand
C. Ratan Chand
D. Hari Chand

15. In which year did “Lord Mayo” visited Mandi for the first time?
A. 1862 A.D.
B. 1866 A.D.
C. 1871 A.D.
D. 1876 A.D. 

Answers: 1-a, 2-a, 3-c, 4-b, 5-b, 6-c, 7-d, 8-c, 9-c, 10-c, 11-a, 12-c, 13-a, 14-a, 15-c.

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