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To promote and incentivize industry led sustainable economic growth by creating a conducive climate which enables environmentally sustainable inclusive development, generates income and employment opportunities, and encourages skill development thereby establishing Himachal as a model industrial hill State. 


To establish Himachal as a model industrial hill State that promotes and incentivizes industrial growth through sustainable inclusive development, generating income and employment opportunities, and encouraging skill development, all in harmony with the State’s environment and ecology. 


To achieve environmentally sustainable and balanced industrial growth leading to more employment opportunities, income generation and overall economic development of the State. 


To make Himachal a model Hill State to by promoting and developing micro, small, medium and large industries with emphasis on eco-compatible and local resource based industries thereby creating opportunities of employment and increasing the share of industries in the State Gross Domestic Product.


This policy will aim to:

a) To achieve an annual industrial growth rate of 15% per annum, aligned with the target of 9% per annum in the growth in state GDP as envisaged in the 12th Five year plan, with the manufacturing sector contributes at least 25% of the state GDP by the year 2022.

b) Promoting Himachal Pradesh as the most preferred investment destination to ensure uniform industrial growth rate throughout the state.

c) Creating additional employment opportunities for about 3 lakh persons by the year 2022 through enhancement of skills and entrepreneurship.

d)  Encouraging eco-friendly  and environmentally sustainable industrial growth through adoption of clear technologies and environmental management systems and promoting public disclosure of pollution status at the unit and cluster level.

e) Continuing thrust on creation and provision of state of the art industrial and related infrastructure.

f) Creating a congenial investment climate by ensuring ease of doing business and time bound delivery of services. 

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Industrial Policy of Himachal Pradesh 2013: Download PDF

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