Himachal GK MCQs (Folk Songs, Folk Dances and Folk Theatre or Drama) - 1

1. “Bhent” and “Bihagada” (भेंट और बिहगडा ) folk songs belong to which category?
A. Religious songs
B. Shepherd songs
C. Marriage songs
D. Milkmaid songs

2. Kamala Rani and Roshani Devi has earned name in which field?
A. Chamba Rumal
B. Painting
C. Folk Songs
D. Carpet making

3. In which district of Himachal Pradesh did the first music studio of the state known by the name “Sound of Mountains” was setup in 1986 A.D.?
A. Mandi
B. Kangra
C. Shimla
D. Hamirpur

4. What is the subject of Kinnauri folk song “Tipsi Banthani” ( टिप्सी बणठणी )?
A. Beauty of Kinnauri girl
B. Curse given by jealous goddess “Usha Devi” to beautiful Kinnauri girl
C. Welcome of newlywed couple
D. Coming of the spring season

5. The love song of “Raja-Gaddan” depicts wooing of Nokhu Gaddan by which Raja?
A. Man Singh of Jaswan
B. Shri Singh of Chamba
C. Bir Singh of Nurpur
D. Sansar Chand of Kangra

6. “Sih” folk dance is related to which area of Himachal Pradesh?
A. Kullu-Manali
B. Pangi-Bharmour
C. Nurpur-Kangra
D. Rohru-Jubbal

7. “Jhanjhar” (झांझर) is the famous dance of which district?
A. Chamba
B. Mandi
C. Kullu
D. Kangra

8. “Ujagjama” (उजगजामा )is the traditional folk dance of which district?
A. Kinnaur
B. Sirmaur
C. Kullu
D. Lahaul and Spiti

9. The “Thoda dance” of Shimla and Sirmaur hills is a:
A. Religious dance
B. Dance celebrating arrival of Monsoon
C. War dance
D. Dance paying respect to the local gods for good harvest

10. The famous “Chhohaara dance” (छोहारा  नृत्य )of Himachal Pradesh is related to which area?
A. Bilaspur
B. Kangra
C. Una
D. Mahasu

11. The love birds “Kunjoo-Chanchalo” belonged to which district?
A. Kangra
B. Lahaul
C. Shimla
D. Chamba

Answers: 1-a, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b, 5-d, 6-d, 7-a, 8-c, 9-c, 10-d, 11-d.

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