Himachal GK MCQs (Freedom Movement and Agitators) - 2

1. In which year did Major Durga Mal of “Azad Hind Fauj” (Indian National Army) was hanged in the Red Fort at New Delhi?
A. 1934 A.D.
B. 1944 A.D.
C. 1940 A.D.
D. 1950 A.D.

2. The first “Responsible government” of the Theog State was established on 15 Aug, 1947. Who was chosen its first Prime Minister? 
A. J.B.L Kachi
B. Hira Singh Pal
C. Surat Ram Prakash
D. Balak Ram

3. Why a “Rebel Government” was organized in Sirmaur State by the Kisan Sabha in 1942 A.D.?
A. Due to the dethronement of the ruler of State from his position by the British
B. Due to refusal of State’s ruler to decrease the amount of Lagaan (Tax)
C. Due to the help being provided to the British war efforts by the State’s ruler
D. Due to widespread corruption and immoral conduct of the ruler

4. Who led the famous “Mandi Conspiracy” of 1914-1915 A.D.?
A. Swami Krishnanand
B. Pandit Gauri Prasad
C. Shobha Ram
D. Mian Jawahar Singh

5. Who was the first Chairman of “Interim Government” (1948 A.D.)?
A. Sada Ram Chandel
B. Pandit Sukh Ram
C. Dr. Y.S. Parmar
D. Shivanand Ramaul

6. Which of the following was not associated with “Pajhota Satyagraha”?
A. Surat Singh Vaid
B. Dr. Y.S. Parmar
C. Atma Ram
D. Shivanand Ramaul

7. Which of the following didn’t attend the “Delhi Darbar” of 1911 A.D.?
A. Bhagat Singh- Jubbal
B. Bhuri Singh- Chamba
C. Amar Prakash- Sirmaur
D. Balbir Sen- Keonthal

8. Which person for the first time demanded the creation of a “Hill State” (Pahadi Rajya) in 1946 A.D.?
A. Dr. Y.S. Parmar
B. Shivanand Ramaul
C. Pandit Padam Dev
D. Thakur Hazara Singh

Answers: 1-b, 2-c, 3-c, 4-d, 5-d, 6-b, 7-d, 8-d.

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