Himachal GK MCQs (Regional movements and Praja Mandal) - 1

1. Where was the headquarter of “Himalayan Pahari State Territorial Council” situated?
A. Mandi
B. Nahan
C. Solan
D. Shimla

2. Who was the Chairman of “All India States People conference” in 1939 AD, when the police opened fire at a crowd of protestors in Dhami State?
A. Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar
B. Jawahar Lal Nehru
C. Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel
D. Sardar Baldev Singh

3. In which year “Himalayan States Regional Council” was organized?
A. 1942 A.D.
B. 1947 A.D.
C. 1946 A.D.
D. 1956 A.D.

4. Who presided over the conference organized in February, 1948 for the issue of merging various Hill Princely States together into Himachal Pradesh?
A. Raja Durga Singh
B. Pandit Padam Dev
C. Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar
D. Virbhadra Singh

5. Who lead the Suket Satyagraha (18 February, 1948)?
A. Karam Chand Thakur
B. Pandit Padam Dev
C. Hari Das
D. None of the above

6. Dhami Firing incident (First ever firing tragedy of Himachal Pradesh) took place in 16 July…………?
A. 1939 A.D.
B. 1941 A.D.
C. 1942 A.D.
D. 1945 A.D.

7. When did “Narendra Mandal” a deliberative and advisory council of rulers of Hill States came into existence?
A. 1911 A.D.
B. 1921 A.D.
C. 1931 A.D.
D. 1941 A.D.

8. Who became the first chairman of Sirmaur Praja Mandal?
A. Dr. Y.S. Parmar
B. Shivanand Ramaul
C. Chaudhary Sherganj
D. Pandit Padam Dev

9. Which of the following was not a member of the inquiry committee set up for Dhami Firing Tragedy?
A. Lala Duni Chand
B. Dev Suman
C. Bhaskar Nand
D. Shyam Lal Khanna

Answers: 1-d, 2-b, 3-c, 4-a, 5-b, 6-a, 7-b, 8-c, 9-c.

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