Himachal GK MCQs (Revolt of 1857)

 1. Which of the following was the only Hill Raja who did not provided military and financial help to the British Government during the revolt of 1857 A.D.?
A. Raja of Kehlur
B. Raja of Bushahar
C. Raja of Sirmaur
D. Raja of Mandi

2. In 1857 A.D. the Deputy Commissioner of Shimla wanted to take action against Bushahar State but the Chief Commissioner stopped him from doing so. Because?
A. Raja of Bushahar was not in a position to control his own army
B. Raja of Bushahar demanded some time to reorganize his State
C. From this step the construction of Hindustan-Tibet road could be negatively affected
D. Bushahar State was a member of Shimla Hill States Confederation

3. The People’s leader “Pratap Singh” who motivated people to rise up against the British during the 1857 revolt, attained martyrdom in which place?
A. Dharamshala
B. Shimla
C. Joginder Nagar
D. Sirmaur

4. During the revolt of 1857 A.D. which Hill State adopted the policy of neutrality (neither helping British, nor rebels)?
A. Rampur Bushahar
B. Nurpur
C. Kangra
D. Jaswan

5. Which of the following Hill State ruler sided with the British during the revolt of 1857 A.D.?
A. Raja Mohan Chand
B. Goverdhan Singh
C. Ram Singh
D. Fateh Prakash

6. Who was the Raja of Kehlur (Modern day Bilaspur) during the revolt of 1857 A.D.?
A. Diwan Chand
B. Jagat Chand
C. Sahib Chand
D. Hira Chand

7. Which Raja of Kullu was awarded the title of “Rai” during the revolt of 1857 A.D.?
A. Thakur Singh
B. Gulab Singh
C. Amar Singh
D. Gyan Singh

Answers: 1-b, 2-c, 3-a, 4-a, 5-c, 6-d, 7-d. 

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